Glacier High School drama students and alumni are teaming up to beat the clock and pull off a short play by 6:33 p.m. Ivanna Fritz and her colleagues came up with the idea of bringing 24 Hour Plays to the Flathead.

This year, she finally rounded up around 20 students and eight alumni - all either writing, acting, or directing the five 15-minute plays. The creative process started Thursday night.

"When we posted last night at 9 they only knew that they were an actor or a technician, director or a writer," explained Fritz. "So this morning was the first time it was even revealed who their castmates were."

Scripts arrived at 6 a.m., so Friday morning was all about getting down to business.

"You have all of these really creative minds," Fritz explained. "It's a different kind of nerves. It's the nerves of the unexpected."

Students like Cate Smith and Lucas Dregne are drama pros and were ready for the challenge.

"I just love thinking on the spot," said Smith, "and this is basically all on the spot thinking."

"The easiest thing about not having all those weeks to prepare is that you can really do what you want out there," said Dregne. "It's more free-flowing, impromptu style."

So when 6:33 p.m. hits, Dregne describes what his feelings will be - "The only time I get stressed is when I'm peeking through that curtain to see the stage and then I just forget about it, and I go out. Just one moment of butterflies in the stomach."