GOP split lingers over 'dark money' crackdown


POSTED: 3:38 PM Apr 12 2013
HELENA, Mont. -

Senate debate on a relatively minor bill dealing with so-called "dark money" in politics is leading to another row in the Republican caucus.
The issue has split Republicans all session after anonymous groups' spending in recent elections has helped fuel bitter GOP primary battles.
The wound was re-opened Friday during debate on a bill to require a new disclaimer on materials sent by groups that don't disclose donors.
Senate Majority Leader Art Wittich of Bozeman agitated some in his caucus by alleging a "crossover coalition" of Republicans was siding with Democrats.
He argued the "feel -good" bill would create unforeseen issues.
Republican state Sen. Llew Jones of Conrad dismissed the concern as "gobbledygook" from those who want to hide in a "maze of darkness."
The Senate endorsed the measure 38-11.