A former EMT for the Frenchtown Fire Department is suing the Frenchtown Fire District's board of trustees.

Tammy Zunski filed a complaint Thursday afternoon that claims the county attorney is not doing his job by failing to hold the Frenchtown Fire Department Board of Trustees accountable.

Zunski claims the department's board handled employee lawsuits, and a pay out for a controversial former chief, all behind closed doors, which is illegal.

She said, when she brought evidence that supports her allegations to the Missoula County Attorney's office, she was told it was a civil matter.

Zunski disagrees.

"You as a citizen have a right to complain about any kind of open meeting violation that you think happened,” said Zunski. “Right now in Missoula County, the plan in place is that i go to the county attorney to complain. I attempted that. The county attorney is paid to defend the board that i complained about, so he didn't do anything about it."