Flathead residents clean up after storm


POSTED: 9:18 PM Jul 08 2012
Flathead residents clean up after storm

Flathead residents continued cleaning up after a windstorm that tore through the Valley on Saturday night. The National Weather Service reported that winds hit 50 mph at Glacier Park International Airport.

Trees went tumbling into power lines in the Flathead. Well over 1,500 Flathead Electric customers had lost power, though electricity issues have since been resolved.

NBC Montana caught up with one woman, who was at her boyfriend’s house when a tree came crashing into the roof.

“It doesn’t matter what happened to the house,” said Robbie Rae Winkler. “We were okay. We were all okay. The dog, Jeff and I were all okay, so that was the major thing. Then after that, we just had to just kind of chuckle, saying, ‘It was a 200-year old tree. We knew it was going to come down at some point.’”