BOZEMAN, Mont. -

A fire burning south of Livingston, in the Pine Creek area, has burned an unknown  number of structures, including some homes. It was reported at 2:19 p.m. Wednesday, on Roche Juane Road.

The blaze is currently estimated at 2,500 acres or more. It's burning in a northern and northeastern direction.

Both firefighters and members of the public reportedly sustained minor injuries, but officials say no one has been seriously hurt.

The area ranging from Pine Creek Campground Road north to Suce Creek Road has been evacuated.

An evacuation center is set up at the Civic Center in Livingston.

The Pine Creek Lodge and Cafe reports fire damage on its Facebook page, but officials say it is still standing. They say the local school and church are also OK.

The fire reportedly burned through the Pine Creek Campground, Luckock Park Church Camp and Pine Creek KOA.

East River Road and Pine Creek Road are closed.

The cause of the fire is unknown, but one official told NBC Montana the fire may have started at a construction site, sparked when equipment rubbed against some rocks.

Dispatchers say a water truck, responding to the fire, tipped over on East River Road.  No one was injured, but one lane was closed as officials waited for a tow truck to move the truck.

Another fire was reported Wednesday off of Trail Creek Road.

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