It was a beautiful Easter Sunday but fire crews across western Montana spent a great deal of the day knocking down wild land fires caused by open controlled burns that got out of control.

NBC Montana made it to one of the out-of-control burns Sunday afternoon on Meadow Drive west of Missoula. 

Fire officials tell us several acres of grass around an abandoned trailer caught fire after winds picked up flames from a nearby property burn. 

We’re told no one was hurt in the incident but fire officials tell NBC Montana it’s a good reminder of how pertinent it is to prep before starting a controlled burn.

We talked to Paul Finlay with the Missoula Rural Fire Department who tells us preparation is one key in accomplishing a successful burn.

Finlay tells us it’s important to get the proper permitting, be aware of weather conditions – especially wind currents, have garden hoses on-hand, man-power available in case a burn does get out-of-hand and most importantly be safe.

He says if the fire does become out-of-control call 911 immediately.   

“Provide for your own safety, follow it up with a quick call to the 911-center because the quicker that resources start responding then the quicker they're on scene to mitigate the incident,” said Finlay.