The following is a press release from the MCFPA:

Fire officials with the Missoula County Fire Protection Association (MCFPA) have moved the fire danger to “High” starting Monday July 16th.

Despite receiving rain in parts of the county over the weekend, the fine fuels (grasses and small branches) continue to dry out, causing the fire danger to rise. People shouldn’t be deceived by the little bit of rain as fuels will dry quickly within a few days or hours. Days of 90-degree temperatures have been curing grasses so they quickly dry out after rain.

It is normal for this time of year to be in High fire danger. People who have been burning this spring should go check on their piles to make sure they are fully extinguished and everyone should use care when camping. There are no other restrictions on burning at this time within Missoula county but several neighboring counties or US Forest Service lands may have restrictions. Visit for more details.

The MCFPA would like to thank the residents of Missoula County for being cautious while enjoying the outdoors and appreciate your cooperation. For more information, go to the web, at: