NBC Montana has continuing coverage of Friday's not guilty verdict for former Grizzly quarterback Jordan Johnson who was accused of rape last summer.

A Facebook page has popped on the internet criticizing the way the case was handled and supporting victims of sexual assault in Missoula.

The sites called 'Janie Doe’ and it's attracted more than 150 followers since it was created Saturday evening. 

The page invites people snap a picture of themselves holding a sign that reads 'We are all Jane Doe,' on a page description.

The creator accuses the City of Missoula for establishing an important precedent because of the way the case was handled.  They say it sends a message to rape victims that if you know who raped you that you had it coming.

Sunday afternoon NBC Montana talked to people to see what they thought.

“I would still tell someone but it does make me think about it more about how big it was in the media and like how everyone's going to know about it,” said University of Montana freshman Kaelee Ferris.  “It would be on my mind a lot and it would probably freak me out but I would still tell someone.”

University of Montana sophomore Tara Bleau says she thinks all of the media surrounding the Johnson trial will encourage victims of sexual assault to speak out. 

“No woman ever deserves that kind of violation and no man deserves that violation,” said Bleau.  “I think that a woman should report it because the police are there to help you and they're there to find out who did this.”

In a Saturday interview with NBC Montana County Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg defended the way his office handled the Johnson case and he told us they truly believe Johnson would be convicted.