Doctors giving a presentation in Missoula this week say a combination of 8 drugs will revolutionize the treatment in millions of people suffering pervasive diseases like heart failure.   The dosage would cost $3.00 a day. 

Researchers say it uses mainly current diabetes and heart medicines that already are approved by the FDA. The drug mixture is said to reduce underlying inflammation.

Dr. Herbert Dan Adams, MD, FACS, MBA tells NBC Montana, "We all are subjected to this low-grade inflammatory response, which doesn't turn off.  So maybe adult-onset diabetes, arterial sclerosis or even Alzheimer's perhaps are all secondary to this continuous path of physiology.  It's revolutionary."

Dr. Walt Peschel, MD, is a general practitioner who has been studying the drug combination for 20 years in various ways, including animal studies and taking the drug cocktail himself.  Peschel explains, "Inflammation causes these diseases. If we can reduce the inflammation and associated fibrosis and over repair mechanism, I think we can get regression and prevention."

The doctors say if St. Patrick Hospital approves a major study on the drug combination in humans, the treatment could be available for the general public in a couple of years.