Postal cutbacks are especially visible in rural states like Montana.

More people than ever rely on other services like UPS and FedEx. They pay bills online too. We're not as dependent on the post office as we used to be. But getting the mail delivered in Montana is hardly out of fashion.

The post office will deliver mail six days a week through August. Then it's Monday through Friday only. Carriers will still deliver packages on Saturday.

Cutbacks won't affect important items like medication. You might pay closer attention to your bookkeeping though.

"You can get certain mail and certain checks," said Turah resident Desytany Ruiz, "It's going to come a few days later and if people have bills to pay they're not going to be able to pay them on time."

Many self-employed business people rely on Saturday delivery.

"Both my husband and I look forward to Saturday service," said Ellen Condon of Florence. "Waiting for payment for services and need to get to the bank in Missoula, so I prefer to have Saturday service."

Customers who have post office boxes won't see any change.

"I think it's a good idea," said self-employed business man Michael Wheeler, "Think of the cost savings."