In continuing wildfire coverage, a type two response team took over Saturday morning for two fires burning east of Missoula, and the incoming crews have their work cut out for them.

Officials said winds pushed the Elevation Mountain Fire over containment lines, and it's nearly tripled in size since Friday.

The fire is burning in the Elk Creek area of the Garnett Mountains, in dead lodgepole pine and subalpine fur.

The news is slightly better for the Felan Gulch fire, located about 33 miles east of Missoula on I-90. It continues to burn on about 200 acres of DNRC forest land.

The fire forced three families from their homes in the area a few days ago, but crews credit a strong aerial attack Friday for halting growth of the blaze.

"A lot of this is to try and keep people's expectations realistic,” said Public Information Officer Cindy Super. "With the evacuations it'll be day by day, and with the firefighting it's just going to be a big effort, and everyone's just doing awesome right now, so we're really proud of them."