New research shows that earned income and child tax credits encourage work and improve a child’s school performance.

They may also increase a child’s work effort and earnings once they reach adulthood, according to the study published by the center on budget and policy priorities.

Montana Women Vote in Missoula says senator Baucus was a supporter of Montana’s low income families.

They hope these two refundable tax credits will maintain congressional support under a new senator.

"If in fact Senator Baucus is retiring, whoever comes after him will continue to stand up for these tax credits,” Co- Director for Montana Women Vote, Olivia Riutta says. “Because I think that we know that Montana families, hard working folks, are relying on them to get by at the end of the tax year."

The nonprofit coalition is using the research to convince congress that these two tax credits are important to Montanans.

“We know that women and families in Montana are counting on these tax credits. They're counting on them come tax time and their counting on them, based on the research that shows that it actually improves school performance for kids. Kids are likely to earn more as they become adults.”

85,000 families benefit from earned income tax credits and 54,000 families benefit from the child tax credit.

Both of those tax credits are refundable. Meaning the amount of credit you receive can exceed the amount you owe.

Combined, those credits lift 28 thousand Montanans out of poverty each year.

To review the research on these two tax credits, click here.