Libby is at the center of an EPA internal investigation after questions have been raised over delays in asbestos cleanup.

Thursday afternoon the EPA’s Office of Inspector General said the studies must be done to decide if the cleanup is working.

Libby was home to a vermiculite mine for nearly 70 years, until the late 1990s when the EPA stepped in to address concerns.

Asbestos contamination is believed to have caused the deaths of hundreds of people in the mining town and so far nearly $450 million has been spent cleaning up.

Thursday evening NBC Montana caught up with Lincoln County Commissioner Tony Berget who says the residents of Libby want to know how clean their town really is.

“It is kind of at a point now where we'd like to know what the information is and what's going to be the long term standard we're going to be living with?” said Berget.  “Though I can't hammer the EPA too much because in the early days Lincoln County we were more interested in ‘let's just get it clean, we know its toxic, let's get it over with.’” 

Right now the EPA reports the current amount of asbestos in the air in Libby is nearly 10,000 times lower than when the mine was in operation.

To read the EPA’s full report click here.