BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Local law enforcement hosted a follow up to an October presentation on Drug Trends in the Community.

Members of the Bozeman Police Department and the Missouri River Drug Task Force talked substance abuse in kids and teens.

Parents and kids learned how alcohol and drugs affect adolescents, and how parents can watch out for signs of use.

They had examples of devices- like fake soda cans and cookie containers- that kids use nowadays to store drugs in.

Lt. Jake Wagner of the MRDTF showed off a "grinder" that people use with marijuana, and various mechanisms they smoke it out of- including a regular aluminum can.

He talked about the length kids will go to to get drunk. He said it's not uncommon for them to drink hand sanitizer or mouthwash- though, he said, they don't see that too often in Bozeman.

One family said they wanted to see what's common in teen substance use, and keep the lines of communication with their kids open.

"We were at the first presentation that they had at City Hall, and thought why aren't our kids here- this is info they need to know as well" said mom Chris Cichon, who attended with her husband and three kids.

Her children said they wanted to learn what types of drugs are the worst, and what their effects are so they can be prepared to stay away from them.

Lt. Wagner said alcohol, smoking and marijuana are by far the most common substances abused by minors. Though he did say the number of underage DUI's and MIP's has decreased between last year and this year.

The most effective way for parents to prevent or detect and stop kids from using drugs, he said, is to "be nosy"- monitor their whereabouts and keep up close communication.