Flathead developers are eying the old North Valley Hospital site in Whitefish as a potential area for higher education. River Opportunity Project Enterprise purchased the land last September.

Spokesperson Don DuBeau tells NBC Montana they've hosted several meetings with businesses and educational leaders to look at turning the former NVH campus into a four-year college or university. Though the concept is in very exploratory stages, developers said Whitefish has enormous potential to be a great college town.

In a press release, DuBeau said, "Whitefish offers a destination setting for new undergraduate -- and potentially graduate -- degrees, which bring huge dividends to the economy and culture of any community. The hope and expectation is to design and collaborate with Flathead Valley Community College, Montana State University, The University of Montana and other colleges and universities in the region.”

The Education Alliance, a consulting group out of Boston, will pursue a feasibility study of the area before ROPE moves forward with any future plans.