BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Police say they've received nearly 30 Criminal Trespass to Vehicle reports since January 23rd.  They say most of them occurred on the west side of town on streets like Broadwater, Yellowstone and Sheridan and most of the vehicles were unlocked.

Police say thieves have made off with everything from money to GPS units to a handgun and even say a report of a stolen Blue Dodge Durango might be related.

I wanted to know what residents on the west side of town think about the rash of break-ins so, I stopped on Granite Avenue where police have received two reports of vehicles entered and items taken, among those items- a .22 caliber pistol.

Cory John and Justin Sharpe say safety is one of the reasons why they moved to Bozeman.  That's why they say they're shocked to hear of the burglaries.

"I never would have thought here," says John.

John says he learned his lesson the hard way back in his hometown.

"My truck got broken into and my navigation system was stolen out of the dash a week after I got it so, I invested in an alarm system and lock it everyday," says John.

But not Sharpe.

"It makes me a little bit nervous.  We typically don't lock our doors, our trucks," explains Sharpe.

I asked Sharpe if he had any valuables in his truck that might be at risk.  That's when he told me he and John often keep firearms inside.

"My weapons are investments, they're not cheap and I wouldn't want to come outside in the morning to see a $600 piece of equipment missing," says John.

That's why the two say from now on, they'll think twice before leaving their guns in their trucks.

"Are you going to do anything differently?" I asked.
"I'm definitely going to start locking my truck," replied Sharpe.

Police did confirm that thieves are getting into locked vehicles.  That's why they say it's also important folks remove all valuables from their vehicles when they plan to be away for a while.
They also ask that you report any suspicious behavior.
There is a reward for information leading to an arrest or conviction.  You can call Crime Stoppers at 581-1131.