The founder of a Missoula-based designated driving nonprofit says the organization is having trouble keeping drivers, partly because the difficulty of dealing with intoxicated clients. Ucallus’ founder, Kevin Sandberg, also says the service is in need of more donations to get more cars, and pay for insurance.

He says with the wait times are up, and so some clients are calling back to cancel a request for ride and possibly even climbing into their cars. He’s tried advertising a paid position, but even in this economy, he’s had trouble getting the right applicants. Now, he’s asking volunteers to help out.

“There’s a certain mentality you have to have in order to do this job and most people just don’t have it,” said Sandberg.

Sandberg says the service had six drivers in its peak, and now that’s down to three. Folks looking to help out can call Ucallus at 406-880-1673.