BUTTE, Mont. -

NBC Montana checked the books and while -22 degrees below zero in Butte is cold, it's not a record.

But that's no consolation for people who had to brave it out, working in the cold.

The Butte Silver Bow city workers are primary examples, refusing to let the cold stand in their way from hammering out the road construction on Montana street.

"Well it's cold out but we've got to get it done, don't want anyone getting hurt," said Kenneth Porter, a city worker.

Other people trying to stay warm in any way possible flocked to the coffee stands throughout the town.

One of Butte's more popular coffee shops says their business is always booming on extremely colder days.

"We always have our regulars that are usually here at 6 am and there was 3 people waiting in line," added Paula Gustafson, Barista for the Florence Coffee Company.

Butte local Doug Fellows rides his bike to work every day trying to save on money at the pump, regardless of the weather.

NBC Montana spotted Fellows riding his bike with a beard full of ice cycles.

“I know my beard is frozen, I just got the flu shot and when I walked into the family planning it was just caked on my hair," said Fellows.