A mini-van burst into flames with five people on board early Saturday afternoon on the Clark Fork Bridge near Walmart.

Passengers said they were heading north on Reserve Street towards Mulan Road around 1:20 p.m. when the dash board started smoking.

"Flames were rolling up the windshield, and out the windows by the time we got out, so we're crawling in on the floor, pulling things out that we could get out," said the driver.

By the time the driver pulled over, he said flames were shooting out of the hood.

"Luckily we had water bottles,” said a passenger. “We started pouring it on, trying to get it out, but it just went up in flames after that, and it was just a lost cause."

Fire crews had the blaze out minutes after they arrived, but the van's destroyed.

Crews had to shut down a lane of traffic to deal with the fire.

The Missoula Police Department is investigating the cause.

The driver said the van is insured.