Cottonwood trees cut down to make room for new school


POSTED: 2:30 PM Jan 30 2013   UPDATED: 6:19 PM Jan 21 2013
Cottonwood trees cut down to make room for a new school
BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Cottonwood trees were cut down near Flanders Mill Road in preparation for the new Elementary School.

"We had a beautiful view, enjoyed the birds, liked the leaves that came into the play ground," said Teri White, a preschool teacher just across the street from the site.

Most of the Cottonwood trees were a half-century old.

White tells NBC Montana her students enjoyed having the trees in the area, but she understands why the trees needed to be cut down.

"We were very sad at the preschool that the trees were cut down, probably at least 50-year-old trees."  

 NBC Montana called the school district to find out just why the trees had to be cut down.

Bozeman Schools Superintendent Rob Watson said a ditch where the trees were growing may have to be filled in; therefore, Flanders Mill Road will be relocated to just west of where it is currently. Watson said the road is too far to the east and will need to be rebuilt before the school is finished.

Other residents in the area said they'll miss the trees and the animals that lived in them, but they understand why they had to go.
"We enjoyed having them out there, the color changes and the animals. We understand change has to happen and we'll get used to it," said Barb Weber, a preschool teacher.

Bozeman School officials said today that they hope to have the new school open by November of this year.