If you've been to the Missoula County Courthouse Annex lately, you've probably seen and heard a flurry of construction.

Work is underway on the first and fourth floors, as well as the  basement.

County staff, and courthouse visitors are finding plastic sheeting and hazard tape, where they're used to be departments full of people.

It's all part of a long range county construction project.

Crews are deep into their work.

If you come in the main doors, and make a right it's likely you might recognize  the old county surveyor's office.

It's covered in plastic.

Eventually it will be the county commissioners' new public meeting room.

"In the meantime, for a couple years anyway, it's going to be a temporary district court room" said Missoula County Communications and Projects Manager, Anne Hughes.

Staff, and visitors to the courthouse and its annex should probably get used to hammers and drills.

It's part of a plan to make better use of space.

"To try to see how we can accommodate the growth in the country that's happened in the last 30 years," said Missoula County's Chief Administrative Officer, Dale Bickell," and then also plan for another 30 years in the future."

The entrance to the treasurer's office is swathed in plastic.

Crews are abating it for asbestos.

After that it will be renovated.

"When the renovation is complete in the spring," said Hughes,"this area will house the county treasurer's office, the motor vehicles, the election office and the clerk and recorder's office."

Work is well underway on the fourth floor.

The old county information  services' home will eventually be the county attorney's office.

But in the meantime, it will become temporary offices.

"Planners, sheriff's department employees," said Hughes. "In about a year we'll have district court staff."

Some of those workers will be here temporarily for a couple years.

Others may spend a few months .

The construction has scattered departments and staff to less convenient spaces for now.

It's also caused some confusion for visitors.

But the idea is to create better organized space.