NBC Montana told you last week about "confession pages," the latest Facebook trend among high schoolers where students can post anonymous stories about themselves or others. After receiving numerous complaints last week, Glacier High School Resource Officer Jason Parce fired off an email to Facebook, asking them to look at the pages.

Parce said the pages, often vulgar in nature, were a clear violation of Facebook's use policy. The social media giant responded to Parce over the weekend by opening an investigation, shutting down some of the sites, and filtering the content of others.

"It's good to know that Facebook is going to uphold their policies," said Parce. "And certainly good for us to know that these comments are not going to continue to be posted on Facebook, and if they are we can contact Facebook and they can remove them."

Though the investigation is in Facebook's hands, Parce said he and administrators will continue to monitor Facebook for any offensive and defamatory activity.