Concussion bill moves through Montana Senate


POSTED: 4:25 PM Feb 09 2013

School coaches could be facing more stringent rules when dealing with student athletes who suffer a concussion.
The Montana Senate on Friday endorsed a plan that aims to better protect high school athletes from the dangers of concussions. It has been adopted in 43 other states.
Senate Bill 112 requires more training to identify concussions. It also requires schools to pull a player out of a game if the player exhibits symptoms of a concussion.
Supporters say it is a needed remedy for a problem that long went misunderstood and ignored.

"For later on in your life - brain function, Alzheimer’s, traumatic brain injury and the results of things like that," said Montana parent Marcie Hossle. "I think it's very important to not play kids until we're sure that any results of concussion are better."

But opponents say the bill creates rules difficult for small schools to implement. They point to a requirement that athletes are cleared by a health-care provider before being allowed to return to the field.