Tuesday night Missoula community leaders meet to discuss critical safety practices in Missoula County Public Schools.  This comes two months after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, when 20 children and six school staff members lost their lives.

NBC Montana was at the meeting Tuesday.  School representatives and local law enforcement officials came together to discuss ways to improve response times for school emergencies.

The ideas put forth tonight included better labeling of buildings so officers are able respond to specific location faster, assigning school staff response protocols, and identifying which school in the district is calling dispatchers, instead of dispatchers seeing MCPS Administration Building, any time any school in the district calls. 

Missoula Police Department and Missoula Sheriff’s Department officials were there to give their thoughts on school safety.  Most voiced ways to improve their response time.  

Missoula Sheriff’s Office Patrol Captain Brad Giffin said improving response time is critical. 

“If there's a number or a lettering system that I can look at on the outside of the building and I can make it make sense to me when I get inside the building, then I can get where I need to be the quickest,” said Giffin.  “It’s the only way to mitigate the number or people who are going to die or get killed.”

The school safety meetings are open to public; the discussion will resume at the MCPS Business Building board room Wednesday night at 5:00 p.m.