Missoula city council members are considering new legislation that would crack down on people who break the city's leash laws.

Last summer NBC Montana told you how city officials stepped up patrols on main walkways and issued more tickets to people walking their pets without a leash.

At the last city council meeting several council members voiced their dissatisfaction with the compliance of the leash law and said they felt something needed to be done to get more people to take the law seriously.

Today NBC Montana hit the streets to see what people thought.  We ran into two dog owners who say they agree that all dogs need to be on leashes if they’re at city parks and other public areas. 

“I think it's the safest thing for your dog to be on a leash, for other dogs and other people,” said dog owner Olivia Erickson.  “A lot of people are afraid of dogs so I think it's the best thing, especially if you're walking on a street because you don't want your dog to get hit by a car.”

Erickson’s friend Cameron Hahn agreed.

“It only takes one time for something bad to happen,” said Hahn.  “It’s better to be safe than sorry.

For pet owners with pups that thrive off leash there are places around Missoula where it's legal to let them run free: Jacob’s Island Bark Park near the University of Montana is a popular spot, along with the Canine Campus at Fort Missoula and the Blue Mountain and Pattee Canyon Recreation Areas.

For a full list of where you can take your dog off leash click here.