Visitors may soon pay more when they stay in Missoula.  Monday night the Missoula City Council voted unanimously to double the bed tax from $1 to $2.

Right now 13 of 44 Missoula hotels participate in collecting a bed tax.

Tourism coordinators tell NBC Montana the funds go toward bringing in larger festivals, sporting events and even hiring a full-time tourism liaison.

Mayor John Engen tells us participating hotels approached him and said they were willing to increase the bed tax by a dollar since not all hotels have signed on yet.

“They came to us and said ‘nobody notices the dollar so they won't notice two dollars,” said Engen.  “We're getting good stuff done and these guys have hired a sales person to go around and attract business to Missoula and that's fantastic!”

Engen says he hopes once other hotels see the benefits of the tax they will decide to participate.