Chinese New Years parade rocks the town of Butte


Donovan Hill By Donovan Hill, KTVM Reporter,
POSTED: 6:09 PM Feb 16 2013   UPDATED: 6:41 PM Feb 16 2013
BUTTE, Mont. -

The Mai-Wah Chinese Museum in Butte put on their annual Chinese New Year’s Celebration Saturday afternoon.

Dori Skrukrud is a volunteer for the celebration and she tells NBC Montana that the celebration has been growing larger and larger every year.

"It's grown and expanded over the years we've had a couple of versions of the dragon and we're lucky enough to have gotten a parade version of the dragon donated by the Taiwanese,” said Skrukrud, Volunteer for the Mai-Wah Museum.

“The dragons have led our parade for a number of years and we have great volunteers that come and do the dragon dance, in fact today we have the Montana Tech basketball team," added Skrukrud.

The parade itself, coordinators say, has become nationally renowned as one of the shortest, loudest and coldest parades in the nation.

NBC Montana spoke with one father-daughter couple and asked them what they were looking forward to the most.

"That I get to see a lot of fireworks and I get to be here with my dad," said Ciarra Ocana, 4th Grader.

"Honestly I was looking forward to hanging out with my daughter and then I heard about the one hundred thousand firecrackers and I was like I’m in," added Paul Keenan, Ocana’s father.

Reports indicated that the firecrackers could be heard throughout the entire town and the grand finale was so big, it set off car alarms, shook windows, and brought a smile to everyone who was watching.

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