It's time to stretch the kinks out of winter and go to work outside.

Ag supply centers and feed stores are busy preparing farmers for spring. Those can be magical places this time of year, prime headquarters for new life and fresh starts.

There is magic in a baby chick. Ask any kid.

To meet seasonal demand, Lakeland Feeds in Hamilton has been ordering 200 chicks a week.

"We do get chicks in for probably eight or nine weeks," said Lakeland dealer rep Debbie Rice, "and ducks and geese and turkeys."

The Hammell children came to look at the poultry and bunnies Thursday morning. They also brought their friend Layla Atwood. The youngsters couldn't get enough of the babies.

Numerous varieties of chickens are available. Nobody can resist the rabbits. They are selling well. Some customers want them for food. But many are sold as breeders and as pets.

Angel Hammell wants to be a farmer. She's fascinated with the animals and is trying to take care of as many as possible.