Cat recovers after being caught in trap near Hamilton


POSTED: 6:55 PM Feb 05 2013   UPDATED: 9:49 PM Feb 05 2013
Cat recovers after being caught in trap near Hamilton

A cat is recovering from having his leg amputated after it was caught in a foothold trap near Hamilton.

The cat, nicknamed "Trapper," was found dragging the trap at Rocky Mountain Log Homes early Monday morning.

The log home manufacturing company had not given permission for anyone to trap on site.

It's possible it was set legally on other, private nearby land, and the cat was caught and dragged it into the old notching building, where rescuers found him.

Fish, Wildlife and Parks reports there was no identification on the trap, which is used for animals like coyotes, fox and raccoons.

FWP said it  had not been anchored and may have been set illegally.

The young, male Manx cat lay recuperating at Valley Pet Clinic in Hamilton. He only has three legs now. But he's alive thanks to a group of five Rocky Mountain Log Home workers.

The men rescued the cat from a hole on the floor of the old notching building on site.

They had seen the cat around the place for about a week, and once tried to pet it, but it hid.

However, they said the black cat was friendly, and had been socialized by someone.

After removing the trap from the animal's mangled leg, they took it to the clinic where surgery was performed.

Dr. Joe Melnarik said the cat is doing well. Nobody has come forward to claim Trapper. One of his rescuers, Robby Lakey wants to adopt his three-footed friend.