BUTTE, Mont. -

It's one of the biggest days in Butte.

"You know St. Patties Day in Butte, we got to go all out," said Michael Byers, Butte resident.

Even with snow on the ground and chilly temperatures in the air, the St. Patrick’s Day parade was in full swing drawing in hundreds and hundreds of spectators.

"Seeing everyone, everyone getting together, everyone is in good spirits and having fun, it really is a great time," added D.J. Wonnacott, also a Butte resident.

Butte boasts the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the entire state of Montana.

"Butte celebrations has been putting on parades for 100 years and it's a great event, and rain sleet or snow we're like the U.S. Postal Service, it never stops," said Barb Jeniker, President of Butte Celebrations.

The Irish inspired festivities attracted visitors from dozens of other towns.

Ryan Haugan tells us that he has never been to Butte for St. Patrick’s Day before, but he came fully prepared for the events dressed as a leprechaun, draping in green from head to toe.

"Never been out here before, actually my friend and buddy Michael is from here and I just came to support him, you know run around and have a good time," added Haugan.

With over 50 entries in the parade it lasted just over 30 minutes.

The excitement, chanting and roars that could be heard from the crowds lining the streets parade officials confirmed it was another successful St. Patrick’s Day in the Mining City.