BUTTE, Mont -

Every year CNN gets together with some of the world’s most famous celebrities to honor 10 everyday people making extraordinary differences in the world.

This year Butte native Leo McCarthy made it to CNN’s top 10 with his non-profit organization Mariah’s Challenge.

Local residents piled in to the Metals Sports Bar & Grill Sunday night to watch the CNN ceremony live and cheer on McCarthy.

Mariah’s challenge is being honored for its work with impacting high school students by giving them scholarships if they graduate alcohol free.

"It's neat to see dreams coming true and those that respect responsibility and take it upon themselves to reach out and say I can do this, the impact is huge," said Gina Evans, local resident.

Mariah’s challenge went up against 9 other groups, foundations and organizations throughout the world aiming to make a difference in people’s lives with the winner receiving $250,000.

McCarthy unfortunately came up short to Pushpa Basnet, a woman who runs a nonprofit organization helping children in Nepal.

"Win or lose we climbed a mountain tonight and we see a great great view for Mariah's challenge," added Evans.

Folks told NBC Montana the kids that Mariah’s Challenge impacts is far more important than winning any sort of award or money.

To find out more about how to get involved with Mariah’s Challenge you can visit the official website at