BUTTE, Mont. -

A Butte neighborhood is getting closer to seeing some much needed improvements.

Emma Park is one of Butte's centrally located neighborhoods, close to dozens of homes, shops and Butte high school.

People who reside in the Emma Park neighborhood tell NBC Montana that it needs some attention, and with the right improvements the neighborhood could certainly grow.

"We need people to move back we need new residents, and that will make the neighborhood safer and also make it more livable and really what we're striving for is a more livable neighborhood," said Mike Sheehy, a neighborhood resident.

Butte's Urban Revitalization Agency and the Human Resources Council took notice, and decided to spearhead a project to help.

The first step was addressing the residents concerns about the lighting issues.

It’s believed that additional lighting could cut down on incidents like graffiti and slashed tires on both cars and trucks.

"The lighting project is really a part of a bigger project to transform the entire neighborhood into a safer place," added Margie Seccomb, who works for the Human Resources Council.

Currently project organizers have asked firms to come forward with proposals, and they’re hoping to see more than just the lighting issue addressed.

"There will be a tool library that will help people work on their homes, there will be a community center so our neighborhood task force will have a home for all of its meetings, and there will also be a social gathering place," concluded Seccomb.

Officials with the Urban Revitalization Agency and Human Resources Council say if the project is successful it could be a blue print for improving other neighborhoods across Butte.