BUTTE, Mont. -

A judge read off seven charges to 38-year-old Ryan Patrick Maloney late Tuesday afternoon, and asked him if he understood what he faced.

Maloney's reply was a quick "Yes, ma'am."

Just a day before, authorities locked down Dewey Boulevard in Butte for a nearly two-hour standoff.

Police say Maloney was suicidal. There were people in his house, including three children. They left the house, but not before police say Maloney waved around a loaded gun.

Butte-Silver Bow Sheriff Ed Lester told NBC Montana two officers were staked out behind a car in a detached garage near the house.

Maloney opened the door holding a rifle, and after seeing the officers, closed the door and fired a shot.

He said the bullet went through the wall of the home, then ricocheted and hit one of the vehicle's tires and Lieutenant Jeff Williams in the arm.

Williams -- a 17-year veteran and the commander on duty during the standoff -- was okay. Lester said there are still pieces of metal in Williams' arm, and he has not been able to come back to work.

Lester said he's proud of the way police handled the incident.

"They showed a tremendous amount of restraint because they did not return fire and they probably would have been justified in doing so," he said. "I think this incident ended peacefully based on our performance at the scene, and training or our officers and also the tremendous restraint they showed."

Maloney faces two counts of Assault on a Peace Officer. Lester said he also faces five charges of Criminal Endangerment. If convicted, Maloney could face up to 70 years in prison.

"The complaint alleges that he was waving a loaded weapon around inside the residence when those other people were inside the residence with him" Lester said, explaining the Criminal Endangerment charges.

A judge set Maloney's bond at $150,000, and scheduled a preliminary hearing in May.