BUTTE, Mont. -

Butte Police say they arrested an animal control officer for DUI after he reportedly crashed a county vehicle in to a fence.

Sheriff Ed Lester told NBC Montana Thursday morning that the incident happened around 1:00 p.m. Tuesday on the 6100 block of Albany Street.

According to Lester, a neighbor witnessed the damaged county vehicle driven by animal control officer Charlie Dick setting next to a broken fence.

The neighbor reportedly told the homeowner what happened and the homeowner called police.

Sheriff Lester tells us Dick wasn't at the scene when police arrived. 

They eventually located him at the animal control office.  The sheriff tells us deputies asked Dick to perform a breathalyzer test, he refused, and he was arrested on site.

Sheriff's deputies did obtain a warrant for a blood sample.

Lester says he can't comment on the results and that the matter is still under investigation.

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