BUTTE, Mont. -

Multiple businesses on the 1300 block of Harrison avenue say they're tired of losing customers to loitering transients.

“People are afraid to shop at Albertson's or CVS because they get accosted in the parking lot or you get asked for money when you're leaving work and it's just gotten out of control,” said Maggie Pesanti who works at the Poore, Roth and Robinson lawfirm.

Store owners say in the past week they've seen one transient urinating right in front of an emergency exit, and another that tried to pick a fight with a store owner after they were asked to stop harassing the customers.

“We just can't have that down here and it's getting to the point where they are flipping out door handles trying to get into people’s cars,” said Katrina Berg, office manager of the Center for Physical Therapy.

In May city and county leaders looked at ways to address the vagrancy issue.

City officials decided the best option is to have business owners serve unwanted vagrants with a no trespass notice.

Now if a business owner decides that a person isn't welcome on their property they fill out a form with the person’s information and picture attached.

“We’re supposed to call the local law enforcement and they will come down to fill out the paper, which we will sign it as the business owner, and the police will sign it, and the trespasser will sign it then each one is given a copy,” Berg added.

However some local store owners are considering adding private security to patrol the property as an added measure.

“I had a guy kicked out because he was sleeping on the couch. When I caught him in the morning, the cops came and hustled him out and as he's walking out the door he says 'I ain't causing no problems,' then we go back over there to find that he's urinated and defecated on the couch,” said Don Heffington, the owner of Front Street Laundromat.

The city is also working on what's called an exclusion list.

According to City-County Commissioner Dave Palmer, the list works similar to a restraining order, but can be issued on-site. Business owners say it has helped.