BOZEMAN, Mont. -

"Here we go" said Registered Nurse Erin Neil, as she packed up equipment in the Bozeman Deaconess Hospital nursery.

Neil was hard at work in in the hospital's Labor and Delivery Department on New Year's day.

"We had four babies today" she said. "Three boys and one girl."

They delivered four New Year's babies.

"Some days we have none, and some days we'll have seven or eight- but four is average" Neil said, about the number of babies born in Bozeman a day.

Babies like James Dean will call January 1st their birthday. He came into this world at 12:05 pm.

Mom Misty Gruel said he was due the 8th, but she's glad her fourth child arrived early.

She said James was "the biggest and longest- and I was feeling every ounce of it... I was definitely ready for him to come."

Neil said in 2012, the hospital delivered o1,139 babies- and 588 of those were boys.

Little James Dean is now boy number three in this year's counting.

"It's kind of awesome to start the new year off with a new baby" Misty said, adding "Fresh start for a fresh year."

And while Misty is sure to never forget this New Year's, Neil said the day was special for staff, too.

"It's great" Neil said. "If we have to be here and we have to work on a holiday, it's great to have such a rewarding job and help people bring their babies into the world."

Welcoming new life in the new year.