Bozeman school board to vote on tax increase


POSTED: 5:13 PM Mar 25 2013   UPDATED: 8:56 PM Mar 25 2013
Steve Johnson
BOZEMAN, Mont. -

The Bozeman School Board will vote Monday on how much they will ask taxpayers for in the next school election.

Deputy Superintendent Steve Johnson told NBC Montana there are a total of four levies they will vote on. The largest is a building reserve levy that will raise $9 million over five years.

The money would go to toward building repairs and maintenance and help the district transition into the new elementary school. If passed it would raise taxes on homes valued at $200,000 dollars more than $34 a year.

"We're going to the full amount is the opening of that school. So when we open that school there will be utility costs, cost of staffing, those types of things," said Johnson.

The district will also request $303,000 for the elementary district and $81,000 for high school.