BOZEMAN, Mont. -

The new eighth elementary school is under construction at the corner of Flanders Mill Road and Durston.  

NBC Montana talked with Superintendent of Bozeman Schools Rob Watson.Watson says the district is excited to open the elementary so much earlier than expected.

"We will open a portion of Elementary 8 in August and then the rest of the building will be done in December," said Watson.

Watson says the school board expects to have eight to twelve classrooms open on the first day of school. He told us the district has started a running list of future students from nearby neighborhoods and other overcrowded Bozeman schools.
"We have enough students now to run grades K-5 in the portion of the building complete," said Watson.

Parents tell NBC Montana with all the over crowding in classrooms the new school is needed.

"What I've seen from enrollment at the schools and like I said, the number of children being born in this town I would say yes," said Katy Osterloth.

Even though a lot of folks agree the new school is necessary, not everyone wants their kids to go there. Parent Katy Osterloth told us she understands why.

"It would be really hard actually. I would be very disappointed if my daughter had to change schools, said Osterloth.

Superintendent Watson told NBC Montana the next step is to come up with a name for Elementary Eight. A committee will spend two weeks taking suggestions from the community before making a "top 10" list.

"We will put it out for a vote in the community and the school board makes the final decision," said Watson.

If you have an idea for a name and you want to submit just call the Bozeman School District in the next two weeks.