BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Advocates from across the northwest gathered in Bozeman Sunday to urge Montana lawmakers to support immigration reform.

The Northwest Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bus Tour stopped at the Resurrection Catholic Church, where legal and undocumented immigrants shared their stories and struggles.

Many said they live in fear of being deported and separated from their families, and that current law doesn't make it easy to become a citizen.

Organizers said 5,000 immigrants live in Montana, and that wait time for citizenship can be decades.

We talked to an immigrant from Chile, Lidice Tobar, who attended the rally. She said she's been able to gain citizenship, but there's too many others who can't.

So she's hoping the government will pass a bill to change that.

"It will allow so many people to work with papers- and to feel part of the law, part of the country" she said, adding "and that is a good situation."

The tour's part of the nationwide Keeping Families Together Bus Tour, founded by the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM). The organization gave the Senate a March 21st deadline to introduce an immigration bill that contains a path to citizenship.