BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Folks with the city of Bozeman say their 2012 Downtown Parking Study reveals which areas see the most traffic, giving them the data they need to plan for the future.

We sat down with Bozeman Parking Manager Scott Lee who told us the 2012 study was more comprehensive and included surface lots, areas Lee says are their biggest assets.
He says the study indicates those lots are always full, while the parking deck is under-utilized.
Lee says the study can be used as an education tool as well as a way for projects like the Armory to plan ahead.

"Having good data allows any business, whether it be the Armory folks or existing businesses to better utilize their current resources and to look at expansion or a new business moving in to town wants to know, 'what's your parking like?'  'oh, it's great!'  Well, show me something," explains Lee.

Additionally, Lee says the study affords them the ability to determine their needs and surpluses like, where they would look to put a new lot if need be and which lots they could sell if they had to.

He says the data also gives them information they can apply to their long-term goal- a master plan to re-design all the surface lots, bring them up to code and beautify them with landscaping.

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