BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Bozeman is taking a look at its Broadband capabilities and what they might need for the future.

According to city officials, Bozeman's home to more than 100 technology firms and is a major technology center in the northern Rockies.

City officials say they want to be able to support high-tech businesses and understand it takes a robust fiber optic network to do it.

That's why they're taking a closer look at fiber optic networks.
At a workshop Thursday, MetroNet talked about how their high-speed network for businesses, universities and government helped economic development in South Bend, Indiana.

Local businesses were invited to weigh in.

"We've been growing and so, right now, we're kind of maxed out on our network connection in the building we're leasing.  So, we just want to see what's coming down in the pipe as we look at growing, if there's a different place in town we want to be located," says Foundant Technologies Vice President of Technology Chris Dahl.

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