Bozeman motel fire suspicious, fire fighters say


POSTED: 4:50 PM Feb 03 2013
Blue Sky Motel fire
BOZEMAN, Mont. -

The Bozeman Fire Department is calling a late-night fire suspicious after a nearly-demolished motel went up in flames.

Bozeman Fire Captain Mark Criner said they got the call just before midnight that two rooms at the Blue Sky Motel on East Main Street were on fire.

They quickly knocked the blaze out, he said, and no one was around the motel at the time. But Capt. Criner said the power and gas was shut off, meaning someone had to have started the fire.

Because of all the demolition, they weren't able to find any hard evidence or determine the cause.

"There's no specific reason that this fire would start other then by a human cause, seeing how there is no utilities to the building" Capt. Criner said. "The scene's been turned over to the contractor, and to continue demolition."

The motel shut down several months ago, and over the last month crews have been working to knock the building down.

A developer is planning to build a three-story business and residential building in place of the motel.