BOZEMAN, Mont. 6-21-12 -

Jay Blaske owns Tumbleweeds, a food truck that he parks in various places and at different events around Bozeman.

"We are just kind of a well-rounded gourmet" Blaske said, of their food. "Our tag line is local ingredients with a fusion fare."

One of the places he parks is Downtown, along with other vendors like the Nutty Montanan.

"Some nights we don't make any income just because we can't find a spot" said Nutty Montanan owner Dennis Davies.

They say it's not always an easy business. Finding a parking spot Downtown makes or breaks the night's income.

But it's finding that spot that's causing a controversy.

"Some of the regulations are being shifted a little more because of some opinions from the business owners in Downtown" Blaske said.

He said local restaurant owners feel food trucks compete with their business, and want to see tighter regulation.

Over the past nine months, a working group's been looking at mobile food vendors.

They came up with rule recommendations they'll present to the City Commission.

"Some of the regulations that are being proposed now have to do with noise, parking, just general vending" Blaske said.

The top ten regulations include obeying parking rules, having an attached garbage to the vehicle, running quiet generators, and not setting up outdoor seating.

Blaske said he doesn't have a problem with most of the proposed regulations. For him, the real issue is if the commission requires a minimum setback- or distance- food vendors have to park from local restaurants or schools.

"If you try to regulate a certain setback, it doesn't matter how small the setback would be" he said. "It would be too large of a space that it would basically push us all the way out of Downtown before we can park anywhere."

We couldn't find local restaurant owners to talk about the issue on camera. But on Monday, city commissioners will discuss whether food trucks should give them more space.