Bozeman man charged with rape after alleged incident with 15-year-old girl


POSTED: 9:33 AM Oct 15 2012
Bozeman, Mont. -

A 22-year-old Bozeman man faces a felony rape charge after an alleged incident with a 15-year-old girl.

Gallatin County Sheriff’s Deputies cited the man for sexual intercourse without consent last Friday, for an incident the victim said occurred a week earlier on October 5.

The girl said she snuck out of her house to meet Taylor Robert Shull, a youth camp counselor from a camp she attended. She said Shull had been drinking. She told deputies Shull immediately started kissing her, and they eventually ended up naked in the back of his car. She said although he wasn’t  forceful, he was going farther than her comfort level.

Deputies said they contacted Shull, and he admitted to the incident. According to court documents Shull told  deputies that although he engaged sexual behavior with the vitcim he did not have sex with her because of her age.

He’s scheduled to appear in justice court Monday morning. NBC Montana will keep you updated.