BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Montana Rail Link officials stood before commissioners to talk about train traffic through town, and how it's increasing.

"Our volume is going to grow" said Jim Lewis with the MRL. "At what rate? I don't know- that's the big question."

Lewis said traffic could double- from 15 trains a day to 31, which he said is max capacity.

Commissioners were concerned with how that would affect Bozeman, especially in the area of increased coal train traffic.

Analysts say coal is quickly becoming one of America's largest exports, and plans are in the works for new mines in southeast Montana that would pass through Bozeman on their way to export.

Faith Rose with the Bozeman Community Coal Action group said they had many concerns over the increase. "Health hazards, noise pollution, air pollution, traffic congestion, obstruction to emergency response and economic loss in jobs and tourism" she said.

Members of the public lined the wall to weigh in.

Many urged commissioners to support a study from the Army Corps of Engineers on potential impacts before plans move forward.

"Does it affect my quality of life? Absolutely not" said a citizen who owns a business near the train tracks. Others like him told commissioners to stand behind the MRL.

The MRL said if they increase train traffic, not all the trains would carry coal. Lewis said it would be divided between grain, lumber and general merchandise.

"Let's sit down and talk about it as a team" Lewis said. "Really develop an action-step plan to determine- okay, what can we improve upon ourselves, and what steps need to be taken to improve upon it?"

He said they'd work with commissioners and the community to handle potential coal and increased train traffic issues.

Mayor Sean Becker said they'll decide at a later meeting whether to support the environmental study, or stand behind Montana Rail Link.