A Bozeman coffee shop's adopted the "pay it forward" spirit, by giving folks who don't have enough money a way to pay for coffee.

At the Downtown coffeehouse Wild Joe's, customers can donate to the Suspended Coffee drink fund.

They chip in some change or a few bucks, or even money from their credit card.

And if someone comes in, but can't afford a cup of joe- they can use the money in the fund to pay for their brew.

Wild Joe's employees tell us they've seen a ton of donations. Some contributors are even sending money from other states, like California.

And just a few days ago, the coffee shop's first Suspended Coffee customer redeemed their free drink.

"It's just really nice to see that person's face just light up... with appreciation, and so grateful," said Wild Joe's Manager Jenalyn Lorilla, adding "it's something so simple."

Right now, there's $56 in the fund. If you find yourself short on cash and needing a cup of joe, just ask for a "suspended" cup of coffee.