BOZEMAN, Mont. -

It's no secret underage drinking can be a problem in college towns.

"Underage drinking is a big concern that we face on a nightly basis in and around the city," says Bozeman Police Officer Tracy Senenfelder.

Senenfelder's worked his share of night shifts as a police officer and says the concern can arise long before an individual ever orders a drink.

"Fake IDs are very common, especially around the campus, students are trying to buy alcohol when they're not of the age of 21," explains Senenfelder.

He says law enforcement does what they can by letting folks know they're there and they're keeping an eye on establishments that sell alcohol.

Yet, Sedenfelder says it's also important to have the community's help.

One Bozeman bar owner is going the extra mile to ensure only folks with legitimate IDs get through their door.

Chad Yurashak owns Bar Nine.  Already he says his bouncers go through intensive training to learn how to spot a fake.  The bar has books on hand with detailed information about each state's ID, dating back to 2006.

Plus, Yurashak says his bouncers have always been offered prizes and cash incentives for turning over fake ID's.

Nevertheless, he says he wanted another tool to help deter underage drinking.

"IDs are really easy to come by and, in all honesty, they are very high quality," explains Yurashak.

That's why he purchased three ID scanners at over a grand apiece that provide bouncers with all of the information that should be correct on the individual's ID.  

"An underage drinking violation can cause a lot of problems and it's just not something you want to risk," says Yurashak.

For those folks using someone else's real ID?

"One of the best ways we do it is just ask their friends their name and, typically, the friend goes, 'Uhhhh,'" explains Yurashak.

We asked Officer Senenfelder his take on the system.

"If they are willing to take this step in the right direction to implement this system, then we support that 100 percent," says Senenfelder.

The scanner is connected to a wireless system that constantly updates with new state ID information.
It also allows the user to log information so bars can keep problem customers out.