BOZEMAN, Mont. -

A new Boise air traffic control tower is set to help Bozeman's airport fill a gap in their radar.

It's called Terminal Approach Control and it would allow folks in Boise to control the aircraft between Bozeman's tower and the Salt Lake Center tower.
Folks with Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport say as the airport has grown, approach control is important to ensure they can keep aircraft safely apart and efficiently get planes in and out of Bozeman.

"It should make flights more on time, should be less waiting in the air to get into Bozeman because of other traffic.  When we have weather like snow storms and such, they'll be able to vector around the weather and also vector into the airport on a quicker basis," says Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport Director Brian Sprenger.

Sprenger tells us Bozeman's airport is one of the largest airports in Montana without Terminal Approach Control.
Billings, Missoula and Great Falls all have approach control.