Bozeman Sweetheart Bakery to close Tuesday


POSTED: 6:43 PM Nov 19 2012   UPDATED: 6:44 PM Nov 19 2012
Bozeman Sweetheart Bakery
BOZEMAN, Mont. -

We've been told Bozeman's Sweetheart Bakery will shut its doors Tuesday, as they attempt to liquidate their inventory in the face of the Hostess bankruptcy.

At their shop off Rouse Monday, almost every shelf was dismantled. The room sat empty, aside from one wall filled with the store's last products.

The few items left were deeply discounted, and folks were buying them up.

One man told us he's gone to that bakery since he was a child, and he's sad to see it close.

"I grew up around here" Brian Stewart said. "We used to come down here all the time and get bread and everything. The store's been here for years and years."

Stewart and his daughter Cynthia bought a box full of items- their last trip to the store.

"Part of my childhood is gone" Stewart said.

There is still time to shop what's left- the store is scheduled to close at six Tuesday evening.