BOZEMAN, Mont. -

We've been following the construction of Bozeman's eighth elementary.  Now, the school district's begun to look at redrawing the boundaries for each school.  They're asking parents to weigh in.
The district is setting up a committee that will review everything from how many students each school should have, to projected student growth in the area and which neighborhoods should be tied to each school.
We asked parents what they thought.  Some didn't even know boundaries might be redrawn while others say they bought their house with the school in mind.

"If we do get drawn out of that attendance area, we'd be tempted to look at buying a new house in the new Emily Dickinson attendance area," says Bozeman mom Heidi Maxwell.

Bozeman parent Erin Renna has a different take.

"I probably wouldn't be very happy if they were going to a different school, just because this one is less than a mile from our home.  But if there was a new school built that was just as close, then I'd probably be fine with it," says Renna.

Policy states that some flexibility will be allowed to keep siblings together and boundaries would be drawn based on historical and natural boundary lines, and enrollment projections.
They're looking for a parent from each school to serve on the realignment committee.  Applications are due by December 14th.